Do you have problems with your bet decisions?

We can help you!

GePick is automated sports predictions platform. With our system predictions you can strengthen or weaken your bet decision. System uses Poisson distribution to calculate football match end probabilities.

Gepick match example
what is gepick

What is GePick in general?

Sports predictions based investment platform

GePick is the idea to create fully automated sports predictions platform. This system should work as an alternative investment tool. The main goal is to generate money using precise forecasts.

  • The idea consists of these basic parts:
  • predictions models tools;
  • predictions market platform;
  • autobeting system;
  • blockchain for users investments.

Predictions models tools

One of the main GePick goal is to offer developers or sport data enthusiasts enveroment for easly create predictions models using our matches database. Tools will provide a way to connect users predictions models with GePick system.

  • Tools list:
  • API for geting sports data from GePick database;
  • API for posting users models predictions;
  • Tools to estimate predictions models.

sport predictions models tool at gepick
preditcions market

Predictions market

The market will alow to sell high quality predictions. This platform will be usefull for models developers, becouse it will generete profit from predictions. All soprt picks will be connected with autobeting platform. It will allow automate trading and betting processes. Other GePick feature is "betting strategy manager". It will allow increase the user profit from sports picks.

Social network

  • Social network features:
  • Comment predictions and models;
  • Share users predictions;
  • Share sport data (this data will be reachable for prediction model developers);
  • Track betting profit.

gepick social network for sports picks
gepick robots for sports picks


Autobeting goal is to connect standart and blockchain-based bookmakers with GePick. It will allow models to use robots and fully automate betting process. This feature will allow models developers (and users) forget manualy betting. It means that prediction model will decide to bet automaticly.