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What is GePick

Sports predictions platform

GePicki project goal is to create a platform for sports predictions. With tools for sports picks tipsters, strategies makers and tools for creating artificial intelligence or tools for creating statistical mathematical models for sports predictions. Also of predictions sharing and for money generation from sports predictions. Gepick is open source, so everyone can join to help build this platform.

  • GeExplorer - software for collecting sports data. Also, this module provides users tools for exploring and analyze sports matches historical statistic data.
  • GePredictor - tools for creating and evaluate sport predictions strategies by statistical mathematical models or machine learning algorithms.
  • GeSocial - social network for (share/sell/buy) GeRobots or GePick tipsters predictions.
  • GeRobots - software robots for auto betting or sharing predictions via GeSocial using GePredictor strategies.

GeExplorer (in progress)

Sports matches database analyze tool

GeExplorer is GePick module for matches history review. GePick collects and stores soccer, basketball, tennis, hockey, handball, volleyball and baseball historical data like results or bookmakers odds. Using this tool you can review and analyze matches by different criteria like date, league, country or team. This tool can help you found best odds in the market. In GePick plans is provide for users odds explorer tools and sure bets from odds market in real-time.

  • GeExplorer web pages:
  • Day page - list sport matches by date and sport type.
  • Match page - statistical match teams data.
  • League page - statistical league data.
  • Country page - info about country leagues and teams.
  • Team page - statistical data about team matches.

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sport predictions modeling tool

GePredictor (in progress)

Tools for sport predictions modeling

GePredictor is GePick module for creating and evaluating sport predictions strategies mathematical models. Idea is to provide tools for creating and evaluate forecasting strategies using real sports and bookmakers data.

  • GePredictor features:
  • Programming tools for developers for modeling sports predictions.
  • Web app for simulate, compare, evaluate and report forecasting models.
  • Web-based app for modeling using GUI.

GeSocial (in progress)

Social network for (share/sell/buy) GeRobots or GePick tipsters predictions

GeSocial will be a web-based platform for share, sell, buy, comment, rate or do other modern actions with sports picks and sports events. From this social platform, users will reach all other GePick platform models services.

  • GeSocial features:
  • Users, leagues, countries, teams, players profiles connected with other social networks like facebook or tweeter.
  • Share, sell, buy sports picks.
  • Software robots accounts for share predictions from GePredictor service.
  • Users and robots ratings.
  • Autobeting service.

gepick social network for sports picks
gepick robots for sports picks

GeRobots (in progress)

Software robots collection for betting process automatization

Ge software robots tasks is automatization processes like sports predictions, strategies research, auto betting on bookmakers or for control user money bank for getting best profit.

  • GeRobots team:
  • Adele - for creating sports forecasting strategies.
  • Justin - for creating bank control strategies.
  • Agne - for share sports picks.
  • Tadas - for do bets.
  • Falko - bank manager. Use Piter sports picks and Ben bank control strategies. Command Justin to do bets.